About You

So enough about us, what about you? Where are things at for your business or organisation?

SME needs love and attention

If you run an established business or organisation, you understand that nothing in business stands still very long. Your customer's requirements, your products, your costs and of course your competitors are evolving constantly. What worked for your business for the last ten years may not work now - and if it has. Working with an established brand often involves identifying whats aspects actually contribute to brand recognition and loyalty built up over the years and what aspects now appear dated, out of touch and detract from your hard-earned status.

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Established organisation seeks partner

Creativity, intelligence, professionalism, reliability and a sense of humour. Sound like a good match? We understand that as an established organisation if you are reading this page, you've very likely worked with other design companies and perhaps you're shopping around for an alternative that can offer something a bit different. We don't know if we're the ideal match for you (Read about our approach to decide for yourself) but we can promise you a level of creativity, business insight and professional commitment that personal attention that might surprise you.

Help! I'm starting a new business!

A significant headache involved in bringing a new business or venture to fruition is defining its identity in every sense. Even the name of the business might be undecided not to mention the logo design, the corporate identity including stationery, business cards, letterheads, web site etc. At this stage many starting-on-a-shoestring ventures will choose the DIY route ("I'm good on the computer - how hard can it be to create a logo?...) and many succeed in creating fairly passable and usable logos, flyers etc. Better than nothing right?

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