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The only place on this website where we collect information from you is when you contact us for a quote or send us your CV. We won't do anything with your email address, we won't add you to a list, sell your details, spam you, or anything like that.

File Ownership & Copyright
All files and artwork used in the creation of final deliverable designs remain the property of Avenir Design. It is our policy not to release such files following the successful completion of any project and Avenir Design are under no obligation to retain or back up such files.

Copyright © 2010 Avenir Design Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Some portions of this site (specifically, imagery in the portfolio section and on the home page) may be under copyright control from other entities. Placement in the portfolio section of this site in no way implies ownership of the imagery by Avenir Design Ltd. All imagery in the portfolio section retains the copyright of its owner. Avenir Design Ltd does not authorise the use of this imagery, for any purpose, without the express permission of Avenir Design Ltd and the owner of the imagery, where applicable. If in doubt, talk to us first.