Why Avenir?

Avenir are a little bit special for a number of reasons which you may value:

  • We're good. We are the people you come to when you want the job done right. (Look at our portfolio , ask around and decide for yourself).
  • We see your bigger picture. We believe in good design, but we understand that design is ultimately a tool. Logos, identity, branding, web sites are all tools which (independent of their aesthetic merits) need to deliver results. What this means for you, is that with us you are working with people who like you, are focused on the real goal, not just the steps leading to it.
  • We're really good value. We will know from experience what's involved in doing your project right and will quote you fairly, in writing, and stick to that quote throughout. In terms of value for your investment with us, you won't be disappointed. Honestly.
  • We communicate simply and directly. We take our role in working with you seriously and will always speak openly and directly when necessary. We don't try to be all things to everyone. We hope we are the right company for you but accept we may not be.
  • We're small and perfectly formed. World domination is not our thing. We've individually come from larger organisations where a project manager mediates between you and your designer(s) and we've specifically chosen a smaller scale model that makes for great work and better relationships.
  • We are rounded human beings. When new clients recount their disappointed experiences with other design companies, the most frequent (and damning) complaint is that "they did exactly what we asked them". In other words there was minimal input, creativity, or adventure. Collectively, we in Avenir come from varied and interesting backgrounds in business, the arts, cinematography, public service and of course design. We bring input, experience, and genuine creativity to the table in all our work for you.

If you've read this far, and are still interested: congratulations! you are a computer generated perfect match for us.

Care to tell us what you've got in mind?