Help! I’m starting a new business!

The big mountain to climb in bringing a new business or venture to fruition is defining its identity in every sense.

Even the name of the business might be undecided not to mention the logo design, the corporate identity including stationery, business cards, letterheads, web site etc. At this stage many starting-on-a-shoestring ventures will choose the DIY route (“I’m good on the computer – how hard can it be to create a logo?…) and many succeed in creating fairly passable and usable logos, flyers etc. Better than nothing right?

Actually, we’d disagree. While acknowledging often elaborate and skillfull homemade creations the result invariably reads as just that: homemade. Even if your business is making homemade cakes – you still need to ensure that your presentation of that business shouldn’t appear homemade – this is simply, and instinctively interepreted by the casual observer as unprofessional or worse, untrustworthy.

Naturally we would hope that you would take the presentaion of your new business seriously and come to us to create something amazing for you but we accept it’s a big ask at exactly the point when there are most demands on a business. Here’s what we suggest. Why not talk to us and prioritise what your immediate needs are. We can sort out your immediate requirements and help you with the others as and when they being vital for you.
Here is a suggested order that works for most new businesses:

1)Research and choose a business name.
2)Register your business name.
3)Secure your domain name or closest variation available.
4)Design a logo for your business name.
5)Design business cards.
6)Design business stationery.
7)Set up hosting and email and ideally a simple holding page for the domain name.
8)Create social networking pages for the business with your new branding.
9)Design signage, vehicle graphics, uniforms, packaging etc.
10)Design & develop a fully fledged web site which you can manage yourself.