Authentic Communication on the Internet

We’re delighted to have worked with our clients Mary and Donijka to rebuild their web site Irish Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (IOCPS). All the more so since we’re greatly impressed by the potential this phone and Skype based service has to help a younger demographic in particular for whom traditional face to face therapy might not be an option. Certainly connecting online is not the same as being in the room – just ask any Irish emigre – and in a profession which is so very attuned to nuances of body lanaguage in all its forms, this shortcoming is a real one. Accepting the limitations however – taking it on its own terms as a means of communication; as a way of connecting meaningfully with another person (however imperfectly), online counselling is looking like a modern solution to the markedly modern problem of isolation and disconnection in a world where communication has never been more prevalent. If you know someone whom might benefit, online counselling may in fact be the perfect option.