Bakery & Cafe ChainBranding & Print Design

Avenir Design worked closely with O'Hehirs bakery and cafe based in Sligo, Donegal, Mayo and Galway in rethinking their brand which could no longer accommodate the growth of the business to include bakery, cafe and associated products.

A strategy phase identitifed the requirements of the new brand and the spheres in which it would need to be effective. The development phase involved the formulation of a long series of possible directions. The stumbling block in each case was the inadequacy of a single symbol to cover all aspects of the business. In the end this issue was side-stepped with the use of three distinct icons.

Technical Details

Avenir Design work with O'Hehirs bakery and cafe on an ongoing basis in the rollout of their new brand including the interior design and fit-out of new cafes and bakeries, external signage, vehicle signage and uniforms.