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Carraig Donn are a prestigious and long established West of Ireland clothing manufacturer. Avenir were delighted to be invited to create a new logo, brand and a range of collateral.

The scope of the project was enormous requiring a redesign of all corporate stationery, signage, packaging, labelling etc

The process began process with a courageous change of name: "Aran Woollen Mills" which better reflected the product range particularly in overseas markets. Avenir created a soft Celtic spiral inspired trinity symbol which evokes the coming together of three elements; the soft ever-changing Irish clouds so common in the West of Ireland signifying nature, curling waves and sea spray signifying the location and origins beside the Atlantic Ocean, and curling tufts of wool representing the use of quality materials and history of craftsmanship.

Logo Design

The core logo is simple, adaptable and deploys effectively to various sub-brands as required. The logo also works well on low resolution media like woven labels.

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Project Summary

Aran Woollen Mills
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Logo Design, Clothing Label Design, Branding
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