What We Do


Logo Design and corporate Identity design is the process of taking the core characteristics and qualities that make your company or organisation unique and presenting them to Ireland or the world in a consistently strong and professional manner.

Collectively this is often referred to as branding and your brand can be summarised as the instinctive emotional response your clients or customers have to your business or organisation in all it’s aspects. Avenir have proven experience in creating new brands and reinvigorating tired or unloved brands. We manage all aspects of your brand from advising on the correct naming of your business, the design of a strong and effective logo, the creation of branded collateral including corporate stationery, brochures, signage, uniforms, interiors, to web sites design, domain & hosting, newsletter management. The creation of branding guidelines guarantees that the new standards are maintained consistently and that your new presentation effectively presents and represents you always.


Avenir Design specialise in offering high quality web design and internet services for a wide range of sectors with an emphasis on clarity, directness and simplicity.

If you are responsible for presenting a business or organisation to the potentially enormous market which the internet represents you will understand immediately the importance of a credible, trustworthy and professional web site. Yes the technology, social media, mobile version etc are all valuable but they are all literally worthless if the site fails to communicate simply and clearly the basic values we all look for (including you reading this) in assessing a product, service or organisation online. While it seems so obvious and desirable that clarity, directness and simplicity should inform the design of most web sites, it is actually a remarkably rare quality – we know this because many, many of our clients seem to search long and hard for these qualities before arriving in wearily at our portfolio.

The internet has no shortage of designers, programmers and freelancers, many talented, who won’t turn away your project and who may do quite a good job of it. We say genuinely, good luck to all, because for every client and project there is an individual or company which is a perfect match at that particular time and budget. We don’t know if we are the right match for you of course but whether you are starting a new business and need a strong web presence, have a long established existing site that needs to be redesigned and re-imagined, or indeed any variation in between, if you value, simplicity, clarity, trust and professionalism then we are already singing from the same sheet! Why not talk to us about how we can help you create the best solution for your needs and for your budget.


Graphic design (or Print design) is the business of presenting your information in the most concise and engaging way a particular printed format will allow.

From brochure design, folder design, corporate stationery, and a range of corporate print items to magazines, book design and layout, we have the ability and experience to deliver a quality product and a smooth design process which again and again exceeds our client’s expectations. Unlike a web site, getting a large brochure design wrong can be an expensive mistake. We allow you to stay focused on the actual design we envision for your document while we handle the professional presentation of the details. Often, an eye for a detail such as the correct choice of paper or finish, or bringing to your attention to a unique way of presenting a tired document like an annual report or a menu can transform and lift a document from the average to the truly distinctive. This is where we excel and we hope our portfolio reflects some of the character and distinction we try to bring to every project. Whether your budget allows for small two colour print runs of a flyer promoting your new business or extends to the printing or a large full colour publication, good design will the difference. We should also mention that we can also manage your printing should you need us to, and having established relationships with a number of print companies around Ireland allows us to offer competitive pricing regardless of the project type or quantity. Please browse our graphic design portfolio to see the work we have done for others.


Ideas are only the start. An idea is only valuable when it is well executed

If you have an idea for an application or Android or iOS App or you already have a team and are knee deep in developing your application, we can help you showcase your concept to its very best. We’ll explore and understand your concept, come up with solutions to any user interface challenges and design the entire look and feel with you. This process is not only invaluable to avoiding costly mistakes and rebuilds but it can also generate interest and attract investment before a product is launched. We have extensive experience across different platforms and devices.


The success of an eCommerce web site rarely depends completely on pricing or search engines alone. The “X” factor is trust.

Considering selling for products or services online for the first time or upgrading your current eCommerce web site? From small craft based eCommerce sites to booking engines for language schools to complex customised product builder web sites, we have the experience to advise, design and develop the site that is right for you. We consider it a given that any reputable web design company will have the technical background and competency to handle a quality shopping cart system, easy to use administration, product categories, shipping, secure payment, payment gateways, order management etc. The difference we offer is the ability to tie it all together.

We bring all the elements together into a package that is appealing to your customers and inspires immediate confidence and trust, both in your products/services and your ability to process the order in a professional and efficient manner. Inspiring trust in your customers while often difficult is worth the extra effort. It results not only in increased sales but significant customer loyalty. Talk to us about your own plans or requirements we’ll work with you to build something special. View our web design portfolio .


Web site hosting is a vital consideration in every online venture which impacts directly on your site’s speed, security, usability and search engine optimization. Avenir offer tailored web hosting solutions specific to our client’s needs.

We don’t make empty promises about 100% up-time – we’ve been around long enough to recognise that web hosting from Mayo to New York (like every aspect of the internet) is subject to surges of demand and usage peaks, malicious hacking, daily, weekly and seasonal variations all of which affect the largest of hosting companies. We do however promise to provide you with a fast, reliable and stable hosting service and if a difficulty does arise we will handle it quickly and as openly as possible.

We also understand that not every web site site needs the same resources and we won’t “up-sell” you to a hosting package that isn’t suitable for your needs. We primarily offer Linux based servers for their stability and security and can assist in migrating your company or organisation to either a scalable virtual hosting solution or a dedicated server tailored to your specific needs. You don’t have to look for an external hosting partner when working with us; we can manage the complete process from design to development to hosting including the seamless migration of domains and DNS, email, and web sites, leaving you with one number to call for everything related to your web site and email.

Avenir offers a number of hosting options, adapted to the requirements of our clients. We use servers in stable secure datacentre environments, providing redundant power, high bandwidth redundant networks, air conditioning and multiple gateways to the internet using high bandwidth connections, ensuring good performance for visitors to your web site. Clients are allocated ample disk space, online web based email,( POP3 email compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc), spam filtering, out of office messages and auto-responders for any email addresses. Other advanced options available are MYSQL databases, PHP  script support, Ruby on Rails hosting. As committed advocates of Open Source software we also particularly try to ensure our hosting supports current versions of Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, WordPress etc.